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DISCLAIMER: Chapters are #’d hexadecimally (0-F) (beta versions, “99.997% complete”). Book 2 is in development*, a distilling of my two “infowar blogs” (2003-2008). Moreover: all of these chapter files have until now never been self-published in their entireties. In the past I’d published only the first half of each chapter; but file copies were lost or [exclusive or, "XOR"] stolen circa May of 2011. Beyond that, an old hard drive was requested circa 2006 on a story it might be usable by a fledgling I.T. newb so I ponied it up on his expressed representations that (were it not so used, and punctually) it’d be returned. I guess that was 3 or 4 requests-for-its-return ago. At the time of yieldage it might’ve been dataless, but it’s possible some literature was still thereupon in a form of recoverable magnetic remanence. Lastly, I haven’t edited these files for a long time. Much of the material can be readily beefed up, fleshed out, or trimmed so value thereby upped by dint of changed perspective which ten or so more years of living have given me. Just sayin’.

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 Camera Obscura 
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PDF files

Chapter 0 - Thread Analysis
Chapter 1 - Damage Control
Chapter 2 - Poetic Scribbling
Chapter 3 - Diwreckly Thither
Chapter 4 - Crikey
Chapter 5 - Holding Slattern
Chapter 6 - Wild Idyllwild
Chapter 7 - Woods Ho, Ma
Chapter 8 - Skunk & Scrounge
Chapter 9 - Lore School Stuff
Chapter A - Old Man Fuddy
Chapter B - Shelby-ville
Chapter C - Tatterdemalions
Chapter D - Tails of Princeton
Chapter E - Star Chamber
Chapter F - Wayback ex Machina

note: in the uploaded version of these memoirs (still an old edited version), I used the pen name “Byrd” in place of my real last name: “Burdick”.
also: as I ’splained to a friend who’s a “rilly big” Grateful Dead aficionado, I wish I could place Book 1 into the Public Domain, but I’ve an awful lot of creditors — some legit, some not. How legit is it, e.g. for “The Goobermint” to demand that I repay my law school loans after a court ruled I can’t practice law due to my smoking pot? Talk about making it tough to find a wife! Last one’s family was none too pleased with my indebtedness ~
her dad: “He’s all liability & no assets!”

 brief chapter summaries and storyboarding

  more good stuff

brief chapter summaries
 plus ...
 and ...
thoughts on musical score


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Android app version (experimental; CAVEAT: in this 1.0 version, footnotes are included but buried within the text proper, I’ll separate ’em out next time. Also, images aren’t imported yet; there are a few drawings / pictures in the original works, I’ll embed them into a “Version 2.0” later on, and improve readability. Lastly, it was created using free software, so the app is currently ad-supported and therefore requires network access in your Android permissions (I haven’t seen any ads in it, but if there are any, the ads don’t benefit me, they benefit the developer of the book-making software which is called AppMK). Final version of the book definitely won’t have any ads.

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COMING SOON !! ~ I’ll be fabricating a Kindle e-Book version. Maybe.


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* HELP WANTED: Amateurish, semi-luckless clod -slash- gangsta-thug wannabee (“hardest workin’ man in-self-training-for show biz”) seeks modern-day gun moll, experience with “guns guns guns !!” required; notion of modern-day armaments embracing, inter alia, stuff like that there: laptops, smartphones, fakes thereof, antique candlestick phones, etc. If you think you check out, you may or may not be able to arrange some sort of a hasty, ad hoc, on-the-fly discernment of whether you actually do. Please goto Helen Waite for obtaining e-mail (and/or telephonic) eudaemonia with me. How’m I doing so far? (By my own reckoning I get the glum “ ‘A’ for effort.”)

* signifying: “Help that had been wanted at a time when I may have decided that I’d been in a proper disposition to consider hiring it.”

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