33. Zurbriggen – big smile, big afro – answering

1. Walnut Hills H.S. – EXT.


2. Walnut Hills H.S. - INT.


3. Walnut Hills H.S. SHOP CLASS - EXT.


4. Mr. Carey lecturing at blackboard to students


5. tussle with boy who sat behind me, at our desks


6. He rubbing sore butt, Mr. Carey paddling me, Carey's office


7. model rocket about to crash near end of parabolic flight path


8. me seated in Mr. Carey's office AND back and forth eye contact between me, Carey


9. montage pic – shop projects – rocket, miter box, sawing, hammering


10. Mr. Carey shows me tally sheet, adds up to almost an A (1,401 points)


11. me seated, arms outstretched, 'splaining


12. English class – two tall Black guys, behind me, at desks, laughing


13. family dinner table – INT. – Dad announces we're moving to California


14. Peter – bubble pic, California beach, bikini blonde


15. black VW squareback, loaded to gills, traversing Rocky Mtns. EXT


16. EXT. – palm trees, family car arriving Southern California, house visible from car windows


17. Portola Jr. High School – EXT. very drab compared to Walnut Hills


18. a quonset hut on an athletic field


19. group of white kids, Mexican kids. EXT. outside one of the school bldgs


20 - 24 (reserved)

25. Damian – holding a fruit juice carton – warning me, looking worried – “Mendez.”


26. Music class – drum set, piano – kids, teacher


27. Danny Mendez pokes me in the back


28. Danny Mendez slugs me in the gut


29. Danny smiles, teeth gap, his friends guffaw


30. Portola Shop Class – INT., big tables, boys seated


31. Mr. Welch – fiery, lecturing – bubble cloud of Iwo Jima flag raising


32. Mr. Welch – lecturing, pointing at Zurbriggen



34. Mr. Welch – excitedly – WHAT!?


35. Zurbriggen – chagrined, correcting himself – boys smile


36. EXT. – California foothills, Boy Scouts – gorilla patrol


37. Carl Watson – juxtaposed with Jesse Sanchez


38. Kevin Story – pushing me just before Science class


39. me, wheeling around and kicking an aghast Story in the nuts


40. EXT. – Portola grounds, confrontation, lots of kids, Kevin points off in distance


41. afterschool Monday – EXT. pkg. lot of Akron's, Kevin approaching me


42. Kevin hits me, BAM, instant TKO.


43. Science class – geeky teacher at blackboard


44. kids at desks looking at filmstrip screen showing a variety of drugs, paraphernalia


45. teacher at blackboard asks question, Charmaine raising her hand and covers mouth w/ other


46. Charmaine chuckles, still seated – teacher astonished


47. all the other kids stare at her in amazement


48. two hippie-chick girls from Portola, looking zonked after smoking maybe grape leaves


(to be cont.)